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Spring Festival westing is overflowed write down -- let us b

- - > publish at 2018-2-27 17:1This 3 card is final by Icel at 2018-2-28 09:14 editors 8000 lis of Luyun and month, we are in this Spring Festival of pink clouds south roam about happily. Guangzhou - promote justice - Luo Ping - Kunming - Dali - Teng Chong - Kunming - build water - unconscious from - esteem left - Guangzhou, drive the route oneself more than 4000 kilometers. Promote justice the first impression of 10 thousand peak forest: Sun just in time, rape has begun to bloom can of 10 thousand peak forest calls karst of Chinese awl shape museum, famous customer of glow of geographical home, traveler Xu crosses 10 thousand peak forest, give out such highly praising: "How of the world mountain peak is much, only here peak Cheng Lin " . Not be actually " only here peak Cheng Lin " , because he still does not have development to appreciate Guizhou laurel mountains and rivers-land to promote when him again,Xu glow guest gives out such sigh with deep feeling at that time is justice when write objectively in travel notes: "Congli's peak, boundless number a thousand li, surprise for southwest get the better of " . Conveniently sends the itinerary route chart of a piece of Xu Xia's settle or live in a strange place that takes in Teng Chong: Guizhou promotes the Luo Ping austral Yi Heyun apart is not far, drive a many hour. 9 dragon waterfall cross Luo Ping on Ceng Deng " Chinese country is geographical " special number of a eriodical of the China that choose the United States. Regrettablly seasonal and incorrect, water amount is too small: Time concerns, we take Luo Ping's famous oily cauliflower of great capacity only firstly, went golden pheasant peak cluster: The day is apropos, yun Qia is good, rape leaves so that although some spend cropland not to calculate,just bloom fitly, but we think that is apropos leave white crisscross footpaths between fields, the mood goes straight towards Kunming to also need 3 hours only along with Luo Ping of Hua Chengfang, fall hurriedly a foot drive toward Dali. This all the way the person that we experience's most tourist attraction is Dali Gu Cheng, above photograph scale is incorrect because I want to had avoided,be surround the poll Chong Shengsi that shuts the baluster that decorate and black Yang Wu Yang the right on the route that 3 towers take toward door of Chong Shengsi hill has a Xiaochi child, it is the good place that takes inverted reflection in water: Actually the Cang Shan of far still has accumulated snow on the top, but right now Dali ancient city has done not have a law to let a person stay in next syaring blankly calmly we are driven toward hurriedly protect hill. Morning rises, angry river Bian Wu enrages dense Teng Chong to heat up the sea to roll boiler greatly, much more beautiful color: The chute of warm, brook, everywhere spew wears steam hill body: Area of the seascape that buy heat + ticket of hot spring couplet still gives a bowl super big bait silk, taste is good: Heat has a beauty cereal hot spring inside seascape area, scene area exit has a bath cereal hot spring. Pretty good, because bath cereal scale is some larger,we chose bath valley, but see beauty cereal hot spring has a small children area to have water slide what also hold out envy. With suitable ancient town: With suitable ancient town only then build Yu Mingchao, situation makes its have close relatively, traditional, stable environment, retained the trait that Chinese Ming Qingwen changes thoroughly, be known as stone of activation of architectural of Chinese ancient time. As a result of the system side the collect of bright generation Zhu Yuanzhang, and suitable have a lot of immigrant that come from Central Plains change, of Anhui, Nanjing have. More than 400 years ago, the villager here begins " take foreigner square " , he Shuncheng is the live abroad country with the biggest southwest. Because suffer foreign culture be contaminated, it is match well of Chinese and Western more with suitable building. Can appreciate badge to send the verve with made of baked clay black of building whitewash a wall already here, OK also look for arrives western architectural element. This is the ancestral hall of very little family name that our conveniently takes. (the surname is very peculiar also ha) insert sow, really delicious curtain of night issues the bean curd of Yunnan with suitable ancient town: Return Kunming, to see the Kunming flowers market in fokelore, lived technically to show tribute. But, one big early take a taxi the beautiful city that goes is driver of an empty city however say, the flower is to be in nightly trade, at the moment is beautiful people get on a plane to fly to countrywide each district we collect I won't tell you these a few bundles of flowers, those who collect is squeeze together to stroke celestial being lake to be in Kunming with local aunts in the rubbish dump that in immense damage the flower forms southward Cheng of a hour of car, it is the biggest store water measures our country lake of the laky, biggest downy deep water, the 2nd deep fresh water is laky, average depth of water more than 90 meters. The day that we encounter bad, look when fine day should pretty good, but it is called by the ancients " coloured glaze 10 thousand just " ah. Come the satellite that discovers on a piece of net films graph, with pool of another name for Yunnan Province contrast falls: Finally is the end of this amuse oneself, build water. " the Shuang Longqiao that build water, common says " seventeen aperture bridge " , it is a 3 cabinet seventeen aperture big stone arch bridge. It is located at building wall of water ancient city on the west 5 lis of place, river of Lu of over or across and collapse to hand in the surface that collect to go up to the river, it is Yunnan visits one of famous historic site, already included Chinese bridging history. Qing Qianlong year build 3 aperture first, 14 aperture are built to be linked together to it again between path light-year, because this common says " seventeen aperture bridge " . Build in the bridge have third floor cabinet, two end have booth cabinet each. Bridge body is become with megalithic build by laying bricks or stones, full-length 148.26 meters, 3 meters wide, far look like boat of a building, close view is like long rainbow to lie wave. Its modelling ingenious, it is one of our country's existent outstanding Gu Qiao, belong to provincial key cultural relic to protect a tourist attraction. "Dusk has wind, the small bell on the eaves of a veranda is in all the time babble make sound, have a kind of ineffable noiseless and quiet feeling however. The Gu Cheng that build water. " Yu Tangyuan of Nanzhao political power and year (810 years of around) build Hui Licheng here, belong to a sea superintend and director. Benefit all previous is ancient Yi language, it is the meaning of the sea. Chinese interpret is build water. "" the county that build water is in yuan of generation only then build temple to learn. Build between Ming Hongnian face install government office to learn, build again between place of 10 thousand all previous build Shui Zhouru to learn. Visitor hall built Home Zhu garden to esteem after Qing Daixian, shine article, Chong Wen, Qu Jiang 4 big academy of classical learning. At that time build water to have " face half a list of names posted up " say, namely Yunnan imperial examinations a list of names posted up in the exam person in, face installed government office to occupy left and right sides of half the number, can weighs the coronal of Yunnan, also do not see more in the whole nation. Build water to have the praise of " of Na Zoulu of another name for Yunnan Province of " of state of " document name, " so. "The Gu Cheng that build water is in large-scale reparative rebuild, from a crack between a door and its frame but peek its in those days prosperous. Travel notes ends, it is really good that Sa Huaqing wishs comments on weather of Yuan violet garment! 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