Good morning of the seventeenth chapter, my small do not nod

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"Department is little, be to a thing there is? " the Ji An is portable meal that bales in out, when opening the door with far department, seeing him holding smoke to was not nodded, sitting in the eye ground on sofa is the smile that does not hide.

When mood of big BOSS of oneself of god-given dash against is wonderful, ji An hard to avoid is curious rise.

Manage Yuan Wensheng raises a head to come, face Ji An's problem, without plan of half minutes of hidden, it is ground of ask while knowing the answer instigated even brows: "Apparent? "Apparent??

Saying, the laugh on department far face deep a few minutes.

Ji An pulls corners of the mouth, talk in whispers secretly: "... scarcely again can apparent. "... scarcely again can apparent..

He puts the dinner of try to win sb's favor in department far on the tea table before.

Make the impact that is the mood, before he now faces a key point this no longer tepid meal, also have appetite extremely: "That is small do not nod moved in. "That is small do not nod moved in..

Small do not nod?

Jian does not have reaction to come over temporarily.

Half the day just raises a head to come suddenly, the direction outside pointing to the door continuously exclamations: "Are you to say blue young lady? "Are you to say blue young lady??

Si Yuanwei small nod, was without reservation to speak highly of the Ji An before: "You do this thing well. "You do this thing well..

Ji Anyi listens, it is to multiply more situation to department far take credit for other's merit: "That is! I see the name of blue young lady at that time, rent with minimum price, still be afraid that she is not hired! Still be afraid that she is not hired!!

Although he just thinks the house of a city austral this is being put at that time,just also putting, god-given somebody wants hire, flat hire go out.

What the other side when who ever wanted to sign a contract writes is the name of La Ke unexpectedly, this not, have to department far newspaper rapidly.

After passing to go from house lease, la Ke was not entered tardy, he still thought to meet the person of a homonymic of the same surname again, did not think of blind cat is touched on dead mouse, still give him dash against really!

Ji An secretly titter is worn, can think carefully one time, heart of hard to avoid gives birth to doubt: "Incorrect? Is blue young lady to live in blue home all the time before? How be moved again? How be moved again??

"Do you ask me? " the head carries Si Yuanmei, have sth in mind of small narrow one's eyes asked in reply Ji An.

Ji An called in awkwardly the line of sight, staring at the pressure that manages far virtually brings to bear on to him, made an analysis instantly: "I think ah... because blue young lady is the child of La Chengping and ex-wife after all,be for certain, did not suffer less in blue home presumably bully, la Chengping feels distressed daughter, so outer head leased a building to her, because,be for certain such! Because,be for certain such!!

Say, ji An is approvingly very took helper control, in be the be pleased with oneself of ability and wisdom from height.

But under photograph comparing, department is far listen to discipline to bring this word, it is complexion sinks however.

Not little be bullied? Be forced to be moved?

His hand is holding chin in the palm, what planning in the heart it seems that.

Raise eye to look at Ji An to examine minutely again subsequently: "Then you continue to say, beside her that is male how to return a responsibility? Beside her that is male how to return a responsibility??

That male?

Ji An's cerebra is rotating at full speed, final will this " male " the lock was in surely on the man body that often appears beside La Ke then.

Need not big BOSS is explained, he investigated the identity of the other side via the line of sight already.

Liang Tai, enter with around of La Ke south city college is read, taekwondo black band, ever was compelled to quit game because of compasses operation is being violated in the match, in alphabetical security the company enters office after.

These are the investigation before Ji Anxian arrives the data about Liang Tai.

Is this unidentified is placing the other side a common bodyguard?


Look at department far so curious to the man that appears beside La Ke , how did discipline cannot help speaking oneself big BOSS: "Are you in jealous? "Are you in jealous??

Department far eyes one cold, vinegary shoot a glance at Ji Anyi eye.

But this with one action moves what card of breathed also ground understands Ji An to guess.

He is as expected in jealous!

Discipline installs dog leg ground to sit on the sofa of side of department far body, one face is laughing adulatorily, pacifying him kindly: "This is unidentified be being placed! Although blue home is not what house distinguished family, but anyhow also is a household company, there always should be a few bodyguards to protect security beside. There always should be a few bodyguards to protect security beside..


Apparent department is far this argument that accepted Ji An, can say to connecting the view to that man even, change somewhat.

"Resemble you same? " department is far ate a meal, put down a chopstick while, can't help meaning ground asked in reply.

Return the Ji An in take credit for other's merit just now however, be in however hear department far after this word, the smile instant that hanging on the face originally is abreaction.

Discipline is installed clear clear the throat, showed earnest ground to correct the wording with far department a bit: "... department is little, I think oneself, I still am not average person can ask those who rise. I still am not average person can ask those who rise..

Manage remote speck had the smoke in the hand, languid relied on lazily to be on sofa, grave sound is none condescending ground trail: "Overpraise. "Overpraise..

"... " Ji Anyi is stupefied.

His original idea can be done not have the least bit should speak highly of the meaning with far department! Why to manage far can so does ground of one is assured and bold with justice understand his word to wanting? !

"My this word is not in boast you! " Ji An refuted malcontently, still be conscientiously ground is cleared away however removed the incomplete a thick soup on the desk.

Morrow early in the morning.

La Ke just was cleared away, preparation goes out go south city college attends class.

Just opened the door, seeing department is far went from the door opposite side fitly.

Saying is apropos, see him garment is neat, the face brings a smile, none when cloak ground is staring at her to look.

La Ke is OK and affirmative, this person does not know from when to begin to had stood over to waiting for her to go out!

"Small do not nod, so artful? Should go to the school? " no matter La Ke wishs,also not be willing, department is far closed the door, walked along elevator mouth with her side-by-side.

La Ke nods slightly, it is constrainedly made a call to the other side.

"Eat breakfast? " department is far ask.

La Ke nods again.

And it is intended that he is like a bit to not was aware of La Ke be perfunctory he is general, do not decrease the ground enthusiasticly to invite make an appointment with: "Can eat a breakfast together next time. "Can eat a breakfast together next time..

But this La Ke does not make a response, consider the door that walked out of elevator oneself oneself.

"Do I send you? " department is far chased after again, not comply not beside Rao De follows in La Ke .

La Ke quickened pace subliminally, path of excuse oneself from: "Need not, I made a car. I made a car..

Two people in tandem is going, became the markeddest scenery inside the village early greatly. Await the Atai of La Ke and its at hand in village doorway originally repeatedly, often seeing the figure of two people far greatly.

"Is that person that follows beside the son's eldest son of department home? " a bodyguard identified department far, surprisingly pop eye.

A peaceful complexion sinks, saw him malcontently, resembling is breathed ground saying: Still say with you? Him father has an eye to look!

But another bodyguard is however more astonish: "What? Does he manage namely far? ! Before me two days are seeing him in elevator! is he our landlord? is he our landlord??

"... " the blue veins since A peaceful forehead, it is to be able to no more tolerate really of at hand addlehead, carry the hand is developing head of the other side namely one hammer, berate in a low voice: "Yield news of your many hotspot finance and economics you do not look! Full day is holding a mobile phone in the arms to play game! Manage repeatedly far admit not to come out! Let a person shove opportunity! Let a person shove opportunity!!

Ground of grievance of the other side is covering afterbrain spoon, lower his head to dare be not refuted.

He manages how possibly conceivably far meeting is so fortunately the landlord that is them! Can manage far so frequent ground appears beside old... be not being become hard is old of settle on ! ? ?



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