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The seat number of camera moves at full speed, the eyes record that shows Qi Jun thoroughly just now comes down.

The picture that Yue Jun stares feedback to come back, open-eyed what compare forecast at begin is better.

Need not call card then, his signal continues.

Inside so short time, miao Rong is turned over rather will one army, make a face too fast also rather.

' how likely? ! '

Miao Rong is astonished rather in the heart.

She sees the acting before Guo Qijun, really very gifted, but experience is scant, did not grow far rise.

Put in her so before mature actor, can be foiled extremely jerkily only.

If seedling Chengdu peace is the elder of care posterity really, this play she can close to act, gentle region takes Qi Jun, good the room that allows this girl to have buffer.

But she is not.

Hit from at the beginning, miao Rong plans rather none convergent, she should be taken out namely very serious, jiang Qijun overwhelms show one's true colours.

Yes, she does not have enemy without bad luck with Qi Jun, want to be able to blame this posterity not to know sense of property only quite, be in a field too make public.

Everybody does not know, this, complete jab arrived the pain spot of seedling Chengdu peaceful mind.

See youth is beautiful nowadays beautiful Qi Jun, buddha saw seedling Chengdu peaceful copy at the outset oneself.

Because,in former days she also is accidental, changed a destiny.

A man that has power and influence extremely took a fancy to her, with her the autograph is made an appointment with, everything what she wants gave her.

He at hand the most likely scenario leaves her, she is absolutely female advocate, whole play staff turns round her, no matter be the actor that become famous or new personality, contend for move and her to talk, never dare look to her complexion.

That is seedling Chengdu peace most the days of the yearning, also be after she is abjection, daydream the time that also thinks regression.

The president before holding her man is group of congratulate family name in both hands, had done not have a few years, he abandoned her.

The issue that she is raised by the bag, still be after 10 years, inside the circle suddenly spread leaves come.

Miao Rong is peaceful by company end an agreement of the man, received Dai Yan removes entirely, fame sweeps the floor between one night, with her contact friend leaves her and go.

Good a light is bright beautiful after the shadow, the instant drops into cereal bottom.

She tries to receive show, but bring before think the clever gas that be proud disappears, qing Chun's fame is absent, she also does not receive good play.

This anguish can'ts bear seedling Chengdu rather, a few times within an inch of commits suicide.

Wait for her good not easy delay come over, find an opportunity to be squeezed into " phoenix female flexibly " , the picture that sees here, make her almost asphyxial again unexpectedly.

20 years ago Qi Jun and her, it is really too resembled.

Also be surrounded by everybody, everybody is behaved so that value her very -- although her acting is done not have so good, be here without qualificatory station even!

She is returned so... so young!

Miao Rong is peaceful essential intolerable Qi Jun is complacent, she believes Qi Jun to do not have gold far from advocate, that is the fact that is placed on bright face simply.

If do not have gold advocate, penniless girl, can you get so big chase after hold in both hands?

Jealousy also does not affect seedling Chengdu peaceful pity she, because look in her, oneself had seen Qi Jun's destiny.

Follow her namely same, prospective some day by gold advocate abandon, arrive from have everything that one expects to find once more penniless.

She is worn urgently before that, first will successful " posterity " walk below the foot, as if such, can seek a pitiful solace.


-- why, qi Jun unlike at the outset her, so weak?

Actually, in heart of a surname skin of the bamboo, what show without her is so self-confident.

Just now strike back can successful, on certain level, also calculate thanksed to Miao Rong's peaceful secondary attack.

She is very clear, oneself are hard just just did not cross shadow hind, want not timidly, can the sword goes slant sharp edge.

Qi Jun most those who be good at is to take the place of, just Miao Rong presses her to grind rather, come up to give her pressure into play.

Her place, with the play in have some of likeness flexibly, just be oppressed by stronger person, be in weak force.

So, she is flat leaving before patting, direct Chengdu following a seedling is peaceful to work.

Take advantage of an opportunity provokes the other side, catch clinking naturally, be coulded there be to arouse emulative fury by Miao Rong.

-- what to do indescribable, see me not pleasing to the eye, I still see you not pleasing to the eye! Come, I let you walk then!

Her mood reachs the designated position immediately, change flexibly here come.

Right now still be flexibly young phoenix, below the check of countless eyes, hold back hold back is bent bend work centenary, good the landscape that saw freedom not easily, be caught immediately admit one's guilt.

She is clever all the time in the past, very if listening to elder, can go out to turn circuit, immediately not obedient.

Because outside, somebody tells her: "Ethereal underground's vivid dead thing is boundless much, only alone oneself is the most important. Only alone oneself is the most important..

"Affection of all make things difficult for others is providential good to you when excuse, want to subdue yourself namely however, still absolutely refuse to to say reason, that specification is for you far from, it is false! It is false!!

Flexibly muddled ground is tasted, right, be such?

Grievance sufferred as expected after coming back, the grandfather must close her in palace not to let, teacher firm firm taught her a lesson, say this is good for her, running in disorder is her fault.

Flexibly immediately ill-affected.

If everybody is for her really good, how can go to dead again in scold her.

Where is explanation? Where is reason?

Their whats do not say.

So, she refuses to obey for certain.

Bend flexibly at the moment issued genu, but not was obedient to in bright eye, what instead is twinkling to shining is smooth.

That is smooth, obviously the head appears, however that kind is bright, the person outside illumes to her.

"Carrying a teacher on the back you sneak away secretly go out, this I admit punish, but other I do not admit! But other I do not admit!!

"You... ! "You... !!

Seedling Chengdu peaceful anyhow is seasoned, of Qi Jun strike back make her accident only, which can so fall leeward, she also entered a part accordingly.

Severe phoenix heavy of look of patriarchal old Si Yu: "Flexibly, your him cognizant made blunder, still make the appearance of stubborn inquietude, the blame is added first-class. The blame is added first-class..

"Why is this blunder? Cannot leave a group of things with common features ground have me only, aqinaming, still have A Meng, why they can want to go, want to be answered? Want to be answered??

"They are what identities, who are you? Who are you??

Look of throat signal to noise ratio is heavier: "You are phoenix a group of things with common features princess, worldly and exclusive emperor daughter, inborn nobility, gens destiny is fastened at you one person. Gens destiny is fastened at you one person..

" your tarry, it is to protect you, and your do sth without authorization leaves palace, do not pass half days, be puzzled by foul smell, be used to comes bad of a suit dense! Be used to comes bad of a suit dense!!

Si Qin rebukes in a stern voice, each words and expressions knock is in flexibly between the heart, next a word, it is to if meet with,let her more bang:

"Unlock of do sth without authorization of lady-in-waiting peaceful hard gold a group of things with common features ground is prohibitive, commit big fear big crime, already was cut off Feng Yu, from now on expulsive phoenix a group of things with common features. From now on expulsive phoenix a group of things with common features..

Flexibly aphonia: "Be no good! A Yu is the request that heard me only, ability unlock prohibitive, how can break her Feng Yu, her earthborn! Her earthborn!!

However Si Qin is apathetic, had done not have revolving likely.

Be in flexibly before now centenary, get go well of at every turn too, woke up to reality self-consciously now trifling, still give birth to real suggestion of a new development however, sufferred so big blow.

The back of the human body of small phoenix bent at a draught, resembling is the whole body lost power.

She two spellbound, eye socket became red, the lip vibrates slightly, have pity on so that let popular feeling ache.

Si Qin is original already face about leaves, let stay to shut oneself up and ponder over his mistakes here flexibly.

But she has not been walked out of, transmit a depressive sound after one's death:

"Originally, I just want to know, why I ask ' why ' , the teacher must punish me again. The teacher must punish me again..

"Now, I thought of other. I thought of other..

"Mr. Si Qin, you... "

" -- fearing? Fear I escape secretly. Fear I escape secretly..

This one, expressional instant of Si Qin becomes extremely barpque.

Resembling was what to remember cannot the thing of turn one's head, phoenix patriarchal old slowly answer a body, on the face with frozen quiet, emerge unexpectedly a greatest fury.

Flexibly, or Qi Jun, saw with one's own eyes looks at white skirt woman to walk over once more.

"Look punish not quite again still. Flexibly princess, you spoke the wild talk that ought not to say actually. You spoke the wild talk that ought not to say actually..

Greet this expression in eye of a surname skin of the bamboo, very horrible.

"Bang! "Bang!!

Her face, endured spank immediately. ?



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