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- - > publish at 2018-9-15 07:23 makes the same score stone of far the five fingers, area of national 4A scene, also be Guangdong makes the same score far geological park, be located in another name for Jiangxi Province of Fujian of another name for Guangdong Province 3 provinces have a common boundary, the arteries and veins of hill of Fujian fierce exterminate, geological construction belongs to the terrane of terminal laky and drossy deposit in discipline of chalk of development Yu Bai. Cliff sex with cliff of Brown, brown grit, powdery cliff is given priority to, second for arenaceous shale, belong to red glow landforms. The travel notes strategy about stone of the five fingers has seen on the net before, very deep to the impression such as day of among them glass a plank road built along a cliff, headroom a plank road built along a cliff, a gleam of, just beautiful younger sister says to want to take the picture with one bit more special division, want, this place should be good, make an appointment with on a few person that had been the same as, set out! Area of scene of stone of the five fingers is in smooth far, belong to Meizhou, have railroad, freeway, had not connected Gao Tie nevertheless, go stone of the five fingers has a few kinds of plan. (one) Guangzhou sits motor-car needs 5 hours to arrive Meizhou, transfer to make the same score passenger station of remote town car again next, passenger station has regular bus to arrive directly at poor dry cool with cold water or ice; (2) Guangzhou each passenger station takes a bus to Meizhou city passenger station, whole journey high speed, about 6 hours, meizhou passenger station has regular bus to arrive directly at poor dry cool with cold water or ice, the rustic route that take, beck stops, about 3 hours; (3) Fosan station has regular bus to arrive smooth far station (new station) , fluctuation midday each one, whole journey high speed, about 7 hours, 180 yuan, smooth far station presses down a car to difference doing much, 15 yuan, take rustic route, beautiful time is longer, about 100 minutes. Area of scene of stone of the five fingers by high-ranked imperial concubine area of scene of temple of area of area of cereal scene area, situation of weather of a gleam of, arhat peak scene, stone forest is mixed high-ranked imperial concubine 5 parts comprise the lake. Gather together " marvellous spectacle of zoology of red glow landforms, forest, humanitarian historic site, gorge " stone beauty spot has the five fingers of 4 big landscape " strange stone, strange seam, strange cane, strange tree, strange hole " with " temple of sword door, stone forest, clever spring, . Area of scene of stone of the five fingers can be very big, sit first cableway goes visitting area of B of core scene area. Cableway fare is one-way 50 yuan / person, double Cheng 90 yuan / person, introduce home most advanced technique equipment, use the world's most advanced single track to circulate to hang type to move, set 24 condole case one-way move, highest and locomotive quantity is horary 1200 people. Telpher it is human nature is changed very, the glass of both sides can open a loophole on the wall, sheet turns over camera to just can be placed take a picture, it is assist really! Do not have small plane to also can take superior picture. The cane inside scene area kind the plant is various and peculiar, some shows half arc, shape is like swing; Some leaning on hang a wall to involve cliff tip continuously; Some is like boa, climb add on Gu Mu. Pouring Shi Zhui is to point to steep ramp to fall off and make because of bottom cliff earth cliff earth loses upside to prop up and produce collapse, size differs, messy the collapse that does not have foreword accumulates content (cliff piece) the cone-shaped accumulation body that forms in slope the foot of mountain. "Pen rack stone " it is one of collapse accumulating content, the appearance of pen rack is formed below the intention that changes in difference later and get a name. Stone of the five fingers is preserving the environment of former zoology, the place is too great, to avoid be lost, also locate for convenient tourist, area of every tourist attraction has a number, this bit is practical. " collapse - red Xiao Yan " collapse is the cliff land system on steeper ramp break away from avalanche of the mother's body, scroll, accumulation suddenly below gravitational action to be in the geological phenomenon of slope foot or channel cereal. Here collapse is to happen to concern with development of the joint in cliff body close. "Red Xiao Yan " it is the hollow that after hill body collapses, forms, its collapse body is seen around. See these spray and small stone, representing be an upright person should " back up " ! Actually tourist lane goes up these. Go on hill road, can see it is bluff at the same time, it is cliff at the same time, build in jaws everywhere battle wall, have a place difficult of access that one wall in the way, 10 thousand husbands not open, although all previous has become incomplete wall to break a wall via hundred years harships, because here ever was Zhu Yu of the Ming Longwu at the beginning of Ming Moqing's emperor be good at the final position that opposes Qing Fuming. " road of high official position " along erect rock wall the road of a hill of artificial cut, because hill road is narrow abrupt, ascend comes hardships and dangers of difficulty of rock wall top, it is the shortcut that reachs the peak however, guest of bookman Chinese ink succeeds this assimilate to shortcut, name with rapidly go up in the world. The road is not too good really go, old person child does not suggest, if issued rain, still meet very slippery, but the peak of arhat of top part middle finger that here is stone of the five fingers. Take a picture good-looking also, beautiful younger sister says before last, did not regret as expected. 3 provinces beautiful scenery all stops eye ground, ahead is Guangdong, left is Jiangxi, right is Fujian. Zoology environment is good, view stay of proceedings of feral stay of proceedings much more beautiful. Stone of the five fingers also has " vitreous a plank road built along a cliff " , a plank road built along a cliff begins from booth of high official position, sinuate suspension is in half meters many wide a plank road built along a cliff between abrupt cliff, the top of head is cliff, cliff is below the foot, test courage when came, 5 yuan are hired prevent slippery shoe to cover, go in be as long as on the glass with tens of impending and transparent rice, come again a few pieces of photographs, xi Xi, not crooked visit! "Day of a gleam of " forming is the influence that moves as a result of the lithosphere, lake bottom rises, lake current goes, form the hill body of perpendicular joint development, because southern region precipitation is rich, hill body suffers running water for a long time to be eroded strongly, formed mountain peak forceful, slope thes foot of a hill or mountain erect, summit makes the same score abrupt, precipice landscape of peak forest of alleviation red sandstone. Pat here piece exceed assist, wood has a kind of international model? Can you see there is what inside this piece of photograph? It is to call here " the source of life " , one " " be inside, hahaha! Sit telpher and downhill, turn to enter another part tourist attraction by sightseeing car, go namely " the day " . Why to make day way? After ascending God to, there can be cliff on discovery, cliff is below, an a plank road built along a cliff is seamed in the stone between the cloud cross, whenever in the morning or after rain, cloud and mist winds around, if show,the scenery all round is like concealed, just like walks high in the clouds, friend name day. " Dan Jing is resided " cavern evenness, wide 5~10 rice, deep 22.5 meters, on hole door quarter have " Dan Jing is resided " 3 words, inside the hole on the west of on the wall quarter " bedroom inscription " record and narrate cut grotto circumstance. Whenever midsummer intense heat of summer, inside the hole cool and refreshing Shu Shuang. "The day " this position has 3 entries, left gets used to different crowd namely, also use the condition of oneself, have here " the forest passes through " , the group is built or extend affirmation very pretty good, fill in, as expected quite primitive, the road is to break off come out, the pig giving a pig that beautiful younger sister takes is excited still! 2400 meters, although not quite far, go not easy also, had better wear long gown pants, water of the midge on gush. "The day " the live place of the high-ranked imperial concubine that right is Yuan Longwu's emperor, friend name " high-ranked imperial concubine cereal " . High-ranked imperial concubine cereal is full-length 3.5KM, the season that Chun Nuanhua opens, whole gorge all is enclothed by place of all sorts of beautiful flowers and grass, form great and infrequent " natural flower alley " natural beautiful scenery. "Ascend God to, of be an official rise step by step, the money of deal sends 10 thousand gold, scholar school work has, old people is healthy, child joy grows, lady beautiful Yan Shoushen, man body is able-bodied body. " the message is really good still, the hope is such. Cross high-ranked imperial concubine cereal, come " headroom a plank road built along a cliff " , headroom a plank road built along a cliff saves travel agent of international of 3 clear hill to invest build jointly by smooth far county and Jiangxi, always invest 100 million yuan, overall length 8.7 kilometers. The project is divided period finish, open at present head period project, overall length makes an appointment with 3 kilometers, a plank road built along a cliff top part amounts to 200 meters from the ground, depend on bluff and build, construction has view scene platform, circle Shi Shan, wear Suo Qiao, experience at the same time cliff stand like a wall is cut like the knife, at the same time the alarmingly dangerous picture of tall Gu Shenjian. Come a sweet clew oh! Walk to go up in a plank road built along a cliff, must notice safety, not crowded embrace, do not climb climb protect column, do not protect smell of the body, mobile phone, camera column to take a picture, at the same time the attention protects vegetation, the one grass here one wood, unusually precious. Notice the environment is wholesome, throw rubbish to ash-bin. Go from headroom a plank road built along a cliff, can see a lot of landscapes, have an interesting name. " 5 old pilgrim " " stone of the five fingers of advent of 5 old " , listen to a sage to tell buddhist talking classics. " white elephant paddle " Bai Xiangshan stone is enclothed by place of lichen of a white, stone be similar in shape directly head on and the elephant that come is by the side of the brook play water. " dragon ungual stone " emperor of fierce of bright end grand turns over according to legend Qing Fuming and Qing Bing bloody battle depend on toppling, a hand is maintained go up in this stone, megalithic craze, form grow lasting hand score mark. " rise step by step " since cascade of left layer of 3 Shi Shan, resembling is cloud layer of connective of a flight of stairs, local entitle rises step by step. Fabulous this is a flight of stairs that Zhang Guo often enters a day, he one pace is crossed, return the middle of forhead. Altitude of the highest peak in a mountain range of stone of the five fingers 460 meters, outstretched right hand, with the centre of the palm to stone of the five fingers, from left to right it is thumb respectively (Bao Dingshi) , forefinger (arhat stone) , middle finger (Tian Zhu stone) , ring finger (fall Long Shi) , little finger (Baogaishi) . These 5 Shi Feng 4 walls rise steeply, ordinary person cannot ascend, only at present peak of middle finger arhat can amount to a peak to support. " stone forest temple " " stone forest is tall how much, treasure Buddhist templeput on the brakes is firm in peak " , the ancient building with left peak of stone of the five fingers is stone forest temple namely, it founds Yumingchaomo between calendar year, have inside the temple " town temple 3000 jins "---Vessel of iron casting figure of Buddha, censer, big clock weighs 1000 jins each. " mix yuan of tower " at the beginning of Ming Moqing, ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang Wang Zhuyu of 9 worlds Sun Tang bolts be waited to embrace by Zheng Zhilong stand for the Supreme Being, father and son of Xie Zhiliang of Taiyuan total arms, Xie Shangkui acts under orders in stone of the five fingers to build base, undertake opposing Qing Fuming activity 16 years, finally by benefit of Qing Jun assemble, tide, low, the arms surround of 4 government office beats another name for Jiangxi Province. Mix yuan of tower, it is numerous monk of stone forest temple be built to commemorate death officerses and men at that time, now is the new tower that builds again. " grind abdomen to seam " a stone side clever spring is seamed, nearly 50 meters long, alley is wide only 0.5 meters, cry " grind abdomen to seam " . Allow one person on one's side only and pass, without giving thought to fat thin, belly is sure stick with the photograph that seam a wall, call so " grind abdomen to seam " , it is to take an examination of courage to take an examination of bodily form again again really. " clever spring " according to Shi Zai, qing Dynasty does lake foreign village toward difference Xie Shenyong is junior and slow, satisfy room of stone forest book from division mug, the thread of ideas in writing after this spring drinks constant water greatly, a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations of ugly division of second of the Qianlong in be being taken an examination of eventually. See pig pig mix piece pieces the introduction, have wood one's mind disturbed, look at a dot unlike a lot of, play bright, come stone of the five fingers plays, the environment of former zoology, platoon suction oxygen is poisonous, it is a good place really, traffic still is in now in be being perfected ceaselessly, pass two years, be open to traffic of Meizhou tall iron, nonstop make the same score far high speed also be open to traffic, more tourists affirm afflux. Was over into Shan Shuang, also can reach the designated position the smooth far geological museum after center of tourist of stone of the five fingers, sufficient mining makes the same score the geological landforms feature with far unique county here. Use many high-tech method, wait for cinema of model of holographic and video, sand table, 3D contemporary and acousto-optic the technology blends in museum to exhibit an area. Collect geology specimen, program is revealed, popular science education, characteristic travels at an organic whole. Address of stone of Meizhou the five fingers: City of Guangdong province Meizhou makes the same score far county to need liaison man doing a town: Guangzhou- - wide river high speed- - long deep high speed- - aid wide high speed- - S331 is saved- - response of region of scene of stone of the five fingers cites return coping.seobox{Border:1Px Solid #dbdbdb; Margin-top:8Px; Margin-bottom:20px; } .seotop{Background-color:#7bc35f; Height:30px; Line-height:30px; Clear:bOth; } .seochange{Float:rIght;padding-top:3Px;padding-right:8Px;} .seotitle{Float:lEft;font-size:14px; Color:#Fff; Padding-left:18px; } .seolist{Padding:12px 18px 12px 18px;} .seolist Ul{} .seolist Li{width:350px; Float:lEft; List-style-type: Disc; Font-size:12px; Line-height:25px; Overflow:hIdden; List-style:iNside; Padding-left:10px; Height:25px;color:#666666; } .seolist Li A{Color:#666666;}



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