Decided! Yu Guigao iron debuts next week, guangzhou needs 7

- - > publish at 2018-1-22 17:0Outside nickname of 6 name! According to latest news, yu Guigao iron is enlightened on January 25! There is tall iron motor-car to arrive eventually south Guangzhou Chengdu east, Chongqing on the west! Why should ask bud bud to Da wants so excited? Basically be this new line not only petty gain returns save money! ! Go before Chongqing, sit common train wants 30 hours to sit Gao Tie also gets 11 hours and and connect Gao Tie second-class fare wants 720 yuan of end to be like bud bud Da is to hate to part with those who go... Dan Yugui Gao Tiekai! Key fare still compares cheap before about the same half! Guangzhou needs 392.5 yuan only to Chongqing! Touch simply do not have a friend to have wood! And from yesterday (19 days) remove Guangzhou to had begun carry out bill to the Gao Tie of Chongqing! Fiercer is! Whole journey of Yu Guigao iron can use 4G~ allegedly signal has exceeded, a few seconds leave a motion picture! Additional, train still can use small letter or pay treasure to pay! Also need not worry to did not take ready money again! Is closer is love still set to serve box hussif on the car, charge does treasure, U pillow wait all a moment to there is ~ convenient and quick service good what to still wait for? Rise about rapidly! Go out to be able to ramble to Chongqing afternoon from Guangzhou in the morning ramble, eat eat ate! The idle away in seeking pleasure of respecting Chongqing still is 3 days of 3 night also do not say really! So, had eaten to drink for each potential energy amused Da of good bud bud already arranged strategy of idle away in seeking pleasure of a Chongqing for everybody, receive good don't mention it! First the characteristic from Chongqing, 5D city speaks of -- Chongqing, call hill the city again, build because of annulus hill, so, here does not tell southeast northwest, tell fluctuation to control only. Can saying is, navigation cannot help your ~ possibly want to live over, have to go up everyday slope is declivous. The friend that has been to Chongqing says: 1 building comes out is highway, 8 buildings come out is highway, attic comes out, still be a highway. So, why is you understand to be controlled up and down? Not only such, the subway resembles switchback, tramp over hill and dale, still cross from the home of others. Crossover has seen many, but the crossover of Chongqing, the forehead... be terrified by the sight of sth or sb. Besides, still appeared recently crossroads of the helix in 72 meters of sky, drove to give the sense of switchback, if abduct fault, that became Chongqing one day to swim. Fear tall darling, estimation cannot live one day to build public transportation when, you still can see the bridge next the most arrogant building. Still have the elder brother of Chongqing, the technology is certain fast, it is to fly to experience commonly. So, a such mad 5D blackart cities are not the place that the road illusion such as Er comes to but if above is right for you, not be what tickler so, congratulation you, welcome to Chongqing! Must these places go to what big cliff hole still remembers Gong Qijun " 1000 with 1000 search " this place in? In Chongqing, you can see an actual edition, it is big cliff hole. 11 buildings depend on hill entirely and build, layer cascade is folded, every time curtain of night arrives, colorfully decorated lantern drapes red garment for it, picture extremely " 1000 with 1000 search " in that does not consider the market that view. By: Xin osmund this is a building that has Chongqing distinguishing feature very much, actually inside leave full sundry business shop, fish of makings of Chongqing yoghurt, chaffy dish, pickled Chinese cabbage, New Year cake... still can come up against now and then in the evening roam about the singer is in halt sing, romantic dream. And big cliff hole is in the urban district, live around in the evening falling also is right choice. By: Pure birds young nurse liberates tablet to liberate tablet is Chongqing famous and serious ground bid, skyscraper is bristly, it is shopping heaven, resemble the Beijing road of Guangzhou. Want to experience the breath with the most contemporary Chongqing, that comes here to stroll. Magnetism implement if the mouth says Beijing has well of king government office, wuhan has alley of the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China, nanjing has master shrine, so Chongqing the characteristic ancient street of this city is china mouth. By: The Yangtse River although one boat is commercialized serious, but the breath of Chongqing is really powerful also, to doing not have the person that have been to, also be a kind of new move. By: Often photographing the grand below Clm of the common people once was here go up to the side of the Yangtse River of Long Menhao dock surely the road of classics, hundred years before very flourishing. By: Different is small today regrettablly nowadays, world of an involuntary discharge of urine is however here and independent marketplace scope of operation. The old flavour of Chongqing, can search here probably. By: Different is small today cableway of the Yangtse River is lying between a river because of both sides, cableway became the daily vehicle of Chongqing person. Cableway is full-length 1166 meters, run time 4 minutes, it is known as 10 thousand lis of the Yangtse River the first air corridor and " the bus in hill city sky " . You should learn the traffic way of a local? Sichuan academy of fine arts (Huang Jueping campus) plain beauty, the little pure and fresh and literary ground that cannot miss. Learn the doodle street of outside school face, the building full wall of a whole street is all sorts of doodle, special offend an eye. Doodle is completely on the building, although look a bit old, but very grand still. The night scene of night scene Chongqing, element has small Hong Kong say. How extensive great, how bully gas, only picture ability tells you. By: By of Chongqing morning paper: Huang Xiaoqin Queen is, does above place have what you want to give the heart of travel in stamp? But the glamour of Chongqing, far more than such! It has a kind of lasting appeal that differs completely with Guangzhou to attracting us deeply, especially the cate of Chongqing! These cate cannot miss boiler of all sorts of red oily rinse! ! Chongqing is small! ! Cold string! ! Wan flour made from various kinds of beans! ! Acerbity hot pink! ! Cool surface! ! Hill city Xiaoshang is round! ! By: Silk of thunder of squares formed by crossed lines of model of person demon dog puts pink on the ice! ! By: Cool cake of silk of thunder of squares formed by crossed lines of model of person demon dog! ! How how? Chongqing, the urban 5D like this mystery is stereo, particularly good still " eat " ! Is everybody enchanted? Lower part of greeting language minor details leaves a message to share your point of view with everybody! A week explodes article is terrible! After woman and mother-in-law quarrel, will big in April darling falls in public step deadly... this disease nots allow to ignore! Be authoritative! The country defends a committee of planning to release plan of flu diagnosis and treatment, the most effective is actually... parents looks surely! 11 areas of Guangzhou are newest in January 2018 house price exposure! Went up again! See your home quickly be worth how many money! 4 contract cancer entirely, concern with this kind of food unexpectedly! 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